About The Dry Decor

The Dry Decor

About Us

Welcome to The Dry Decor, a family-owned dried flower business proudly run by two sister-in-laws in the North East of England. Our journey began with a shared passion for nature’s beauty and a love for creating timeless floral arrangements that last a lifetime.


Our Story

The Dry Decor was born out of our desire to bring sustainable, elegant, and unique floral solutions to weddings, events, and homes. As sisters-in-law, we combined our diverse skills and creative visions to craft a business that reflects our commitment to quality, authenticity, and the enduring charm of dried flowers.


Our Mission

At The Dry Decor, our mission is to offer beautiful, eco-friendly floral arrangements that capture the essence of your most cherished moments. We believe that flowers should be more than just a fleeting decoration—they should be a lasting memento of your special occasions. By choosing dried flowers, you’re not only investing in enduring beauty but also making an environmentally conscious choice.


Our Values

  • Quality: We take pride in sourcing the finest flowers and carefully preserving them to maintain their natural beauty and charm.
  • Sustainability: Our dried flowers require less water and energy, making them a greener alternative to fresh flowers. We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint while providing exquisite floral designs.
  • Personalisation: Every arrangement is crafted with attention to detail and a personal touch. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each creation reflects their individual style and vision.

Our Services

We specialise in creating stunning dried flower arrangements for weddings, events, and home decor. From bespoke bridal bouquets and elegant centerpieces to custom wreaths and unique gifts, our designs are tailored to suit every occasion. Our collections are inspired by the natural beauty of the North East of England, incorporating locally sourced elements that add a distinctive touch to our work.

Meet the Team

As sisters-in-law and co-founders, we bring a unique blend of creativity, passion, and dedication to The Dry Decor. Our complementary skills and shared vision have enabled us to build a business that values family, craftsmanship, and sustainability. We are deeply committed to providing exceptional service and creating beautiful floral memories for our clients.

Thank you for choosing The Dry Decor. We look forward to being a part of your special moments and helping you celebrate life’s precious occasions with the timeless beauty of dried flowers.

Warmest regards,

Anna & Anna
Co-founders, The Dry Decor